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SysDevCo offers leadership in SCAMPI assessment services as well as mini-assessments for CMMI. We also offer training on the CMMI.

Training offered includes official CMMI Institute courses on CMMI including the 3 day Introduction to CMMI for Development and the 1 day Services Supplement. See our Training page for more information about courses, registration, and schedule.

The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) is the official CMMI Institute method and the SCAMPI A assessment is the only assessment that can result in Maturity Level or Capability Level ratings.

The SCAMPI method includes preparation and planning for the assessment, on-site activities, formation of preliminary observations and findings, determination of ratings, final reporting, and follow-on activities. Mini-assessments also known as Class B and C assessments do not result in ratings. If the SCAMPI acronym is attached to a B or C assessment (i.e., SCAMPI B, SCAMPI C) it is an assessment that is planned and reported to the CMMI Institute and performed according to CMMI Institute SCAMPI B/C method. See our CMMI Appraisals page for more information about SysDevCo assessment services.