Computer Systems Analysis

SysDevCo’s Drew Allison has served as a systems analyst on large and small government systems and commercial software projects. As a consultant her clients were Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small businesses. She excels at studying the organization itself, working with stakeholders to define business problems and information needs, and supporting the design of their solutions. Drew has extensive exposure to numerous organizations and their projects as a consultant. These experiences have given her a breadth of exposure to different organizations, work cultures, problems, perspectives, SDLC’s and lifecycle models (including Agile and Waterfall). She can identify improvements needed and lead teams in planning and implementing changes to systems. As the saying goes: Without knowing where you are, you cannot know how far you have to go or how long it will take to get there. Drew can identify where you are in your journey towards superior planning, process, project management, service, measurement and continual improvement.

Drew has led the development and management of requirements for computer-based processing systems. She also taught over a dozen courses on the requirements process both via Webex and in the classroom. Her work leading the analysis of existing systems and operations as well as the planning and implementation of new and improved systems, has led to increases in efficiency, quality, consistency in performance, improved employee morale, and increased customer satisfaction.